The Insightful Healthcare Company

Critical information right in your desktop that helps you know more about your market, your risks, and your competitors

The market for healthcare products, devices, and pharmaceuticals is among the world’s most complex and data-driven. How do you stay informed about new products, new strategies, and new competitors? How do you easily access all the information in your organization?  And how do you do all that while staying current with the latest research and patents?

CID semantic analysis and intelligence tools can help you make sense of information and use it to your advantage. We can help you surface the most relevant and important information, anticipate risk-causing events, and develop heightened situational awareness on a global scale.

And the same information management and analysis power that enables you to see the external world more clearly also allows you to sort, organize, and deliver all the institutional knowledge currently locked away in your enterprise.

Keep Your Head Above the Data

How often have you wished you had another brain to help you read all the latest scientific journals, trade publications, patents and external data to monitor new product developments, innovative market strategies, and emerging competitors?

CID is human-in-the-loop technology that can read and absorb millions of documents in moments and connect the dots hidden in unstructured data. Using powerful semantic filters, customized taxonomies, and interactive visualizations, CID’s CORPUS and Topic Analyst allow you to see what’s new, what’s changed, and how all the data relates to each other.

Topic Analyst Companion for Office offers immediate support while you are creating new documents, refining concepts, and developing proposals, white papers, etc. Companion for SharePoint injects live information from internal and external sources into project and team sites on your intranet portal.

How Healthcare Executives, Compliance Officers, and Strategic Planners benefit:

Improve efficiency by accelerating the adoption of new practices and compliance with fast-changing regulation.
Refine unstructured information into valuable insights about patients, payers, and providers.
Comb through millions of traditional and social media streams for early indications of changing customer preferences.

Take Control of Your Knowledge

CID’s CORPUS and Topic Analyst form the foundation of a powerful knowledge management system that can help you tap all the intelligence in your organization and wring new efficiencies from your operations.

Topic Analyst can help you leverage your organization’s knowledge by automatically discerning the relations between concepts, which supports powerful querying.

The system uses customized taxonomies of products and variations, different brands and regulatory requirements by country in order to surface and deliver relevant insights and content to knowledge managers, strategic planners, and IT professionals directly inside intranet pages and frequently used applications such as Microsoft Word and Outlook.

How Strategic Planners and Knowledge Managers benefit:

Topic Analyst helps you overcome organizational silos
Stay compliant more efficiently by identifying out-of-date material and retaining only relevant documents
Add content intelligence into Microsoft SharePoint and other applications easily

Stay Ahead of Your Market and Your Competitors

There are clues in the data about your competitors, their strategy, and their financial performance. CID’s Topic Analyst allows you to build a comprehensive competitor monitoring capability incorporating public and internal information, structured and unstructured data, as well as primary and secondary research.

This way you'd be aware of any changes in product design, marketing, ad spending, regulatory-relevant information in a single place.

Your organization can use this information and insights in internal reports, newsletters, and through self-service dashboards.

How Competitive Intelligence, Marketing, and Sales Leaders benefit:

Find critical business and competitive intelligence in a sea of unstructured data, news sources, websites, and a flood of social media.
Accelerate your ability to respond to events that impact your company.
Enable product teams to receive highly relevant insights directly into their workflows.