Next-Level Insights for Financial Services

Distill insights about your markets, your clients, and your competitors from complex information structures and deliver critical knowledge directly into existing business applications.

The right information at the right time is a key competitive advantage for financial services firms deluged in data. Somewhere in that data are insights about your clients and their business that can deepen your understanding and make you a more valuable partner.

Also hidden in the data are relationships between companies, people, and events that could signal an interesting new M&A target or an industry-impacting regulatory change. How can you transform this into new business and to strengthen existing partnerships?

CID intelligence tools can help you use data to anticipate events, understand their impact in the marketplace, manage risk, and develop new business based on unique insights.

Enhanced Market Intelligence

CID helps financial institutions scan the entire information landscape to spot and connect key bits of data across industries, geographies, and media sources and deliver it quickly to the people who need it.

CID’s Topic Analyst ecosystem of powerful semantic analysis tools and intuitive visualization modules deliver fine-grained knowledge precisely where and when it’s needed so analysts can make better decisions and take action quickly.

How Financial Analysts benefit:

Find critical business and competitive intelligence in a sea of unstructured data, news sources, websites, and a flood of social media.
Accelerate your ability to monitor and respond to events that impact the company.
Monitor news related to product lines, business operations, and the regulatory environment by detecting both internal process events like a new client or external events such as legislative changes.

Identify New Business Opportunities

Situational awareness about clients, merger activity, high-net-worth individuals, investment opportunities, and regulatory challenges is essential for the success of a high value advisory institution.

Much of this information is locked away in internal systems, only available on subscription-based news sources, or hidden in a mosaic of unstructured data. CID’s Topic Analyst software solution aggregates content from public domain news sources, subscription content, social media, and other sources in multiple languages. The system also scans internal sources such as discussion notes and meeting minutes.

Everyone involved in business development benefits from in-depth content analysis and dashboards that display information about potential clients, the changing regulatory environment, and emerging opportunities.

How Marketing, Business Development, Asset Management, and Account Management benefit:

Identify events that could be precursors to new business opportunities.
Support customer consulting with third party information matching your asset class investment strategy and product portfolio.
Scan existing knowledge to gain insights into potential new clients.

Monitor Compliance Issues

Compliance officers are faced with a multitude of regulatory changes globally. CID can help them monitor internal and external events closely, analyze existing contracts and policies, identify necessary adaptations, and react swiftly.

Topic Analyst can also integrate internal and external information to reveal relationships, behavior patterns, and potential vulnerabilities. We use highly precise, high-performance, multilingual natural language processing for near real-time analysis of data gathered from international, national, and local news sources, subscription-based news aggregators, as well as CRM and banking systems.

All this information can be delivered directly to the people who need it through analysis tools, dashboards, and applications.

How Compliance Officers and Risk Managers benefit:

Keep track of regulatory and legislative matters, identify relevant changes, and detect emerging trends.
Analyze unstructured data to give greater depth to risk management and to support mitigation of non-compliant behavior.
Identify which products and clients are affected by changes within a specific market.