360° Intelligence for Consulting Firms

Gain a deeper understanding of your clients’ challenges so you can deliver greater value, gain new expertise, and create more compelling offerings by accessing highly relevant information in near real time.

To thrive in a competitive marketplace consulting and professional services firms need three things:
A clear understanding of the challenges faced by their clients; Early warning of events that can affect a client engagement; and Knowledge of the firm’s experience delivering similar solutions.

Topic Analyst’s high-precision semantic analysis tools, near real-time news and event monitoring, indexing capabilities for intranet portals and other internal data sources, and intuitive visualization modules deliver fine-grained intelligence about your clients and prospects.

Topic Analyst continually indexes and updates client-specific information and pushes it directly to subject matter experts who work on projects and others who write new business proposals.

Identify and Win New Business Opportunities

To identify new business opportunities before your competitors, you need actionable intelligence about your clients and their business environment. Winning proposals contain insights about trends and news of interest to your client.

Topic Analyst continually delivers updated and indexed information in near real time — not only to support proposal writing — but also to support project engagement teams who need the latest and most relevant information for the project, integrated into the right intranet portal pages.

Your consultants will also be able to access customized information feeds and visualizations that reveal actionable insights they can use immediately.

How Marketing, Business Development, Practice Development, and Research benefit:

Identify events that create new business opportunities before competitors.
Provide the best informed and insightful client counsel.
Recognize conflicting interests between new and/or existing clients and engagements.

Stay Current with the Business Environment

Consultants must stay current with the rapidly changing state of technology, business models, venture funding, regulation, personnel changes and best practices, inside or outside their firms.

However, finding the information that is directly relevant to a practice or client project typically involves enormous effort. Topic Analyst can help your consultants stay up to date more efficiently and avoid miscommunication by accurately filtering huge volumes of content from a multitude of internal and external sources so only relevant information is delivered. The system also provides powerful filters and visualizations so consultants can see significant developments at a glance.

Topic Analyst integrates with the portals and applications consultants are used to working with so the information they need is injected directly into their workflow.

How Consultants benefit:

Empower in-house research teams with highly precise search technology.
Extract key information from unstructured data including documents, news, and client communication.
Distribute key information directly in business applications and intranet portals such as SharePoint.

Create Unique Client-Facing Applications

The same insights CID provides to you, you can provide to your clients. Use CORPUS and Topic Analyst as the foundation for powerful client-facing apps and extranet pages that deliver valuable analytical insights about industry issues, emerging technologies, merger and acquisition activity, and real-time regulatory actions so your clients can identify and seize market opportunities.
You’ll demonstrate your unique value and enhance the quality of your client engagement by providing customized client-facing solutions, combining your expertise with search, visualization, analytic services, and collaborative workflow support for client matters.

How Business Development and Client Relations benefit:

New capability to deliver uniquely relevant analytic solutions to clients.
Empower clients to discover new insights using semantic analysis tools.
An easy and impactful way to share knowledge with clients and differentiate your firm.