How do you keep pace with the rapid changes sweeping through the auto industry? New concepts in mobility, changing attitudes among young people about owning a car, and alternative offerings such as electric and hybrid cars mean leaders must work hard to stay on top of every development in the industry from technology to human behavior.

With automotive supply chains becoming more global and complex, how does a company ensure that every link in the chain is strong and resilient?
Customer preferences are constantly changing and important clues about their direction are hidden in service tickets and social media postings.  

CID’s powerful analytic tools can sift all this data in moments and deliver vital insights directly into your business applications and onto your desktop in near real time.

Intensively Monitor Industry Innovations

CID helps automotive companies scan the entire information landscape to spot emerging technologies using data from patent filings, news releases, product reviews, digital communications, and unstructured data from across industries to give the fullest understanding of the future of the automotive industry.

Once you have specified your key topics and issues, CORPUS continually monitors the patent applications, competitor activity, and the news to track developments closely and to evaluate the information over time.  

In a world where speed to understanding is a key competitive advantage, the ability to find critical information quickly means more time to analyze trends and distill insights that can help you continue to stay ahead.

How Auto R&D and Technology Management Benefit:

  • Find critical business and competitive intelligence in a sea of unstructured data, news sources, websites, subscription-based sources, and a flood of social media.
  • Scan the scientific and competitive landscape, identify important developments, monitor specific innovations, and empower technology management.
  • Link experts, technologies, and both in-house and external experience for the best evaluations and most informed R&D projects.

Improve Product Development and Quality

Customers are talking about your products. There are tweets, texts, posts, and customer service tickets amounting to an ocean of data produced every day. Finding the customer insights in this data storm and making sense of them can help you improve the quality of your products and increase the satisfaction of your customers.

CID uses powerful semantic analysis tools to help you scan global information sources as well as internal customer support systems for deeper understanding of how customers feel about a product and how they estimate its quality. You’ll get early indications of what people like and what your company can do better.

CID’s CORPUS software solution aggregates content from public domain news sources, global broadcasts, subscription content, social media, and other sources in multiple languages so you can find the clues in the data that could lead to a breakthrough innovation and better products.

How Product Development and Customer Service Officers benefit:

  • Detect potential product issues anywhere in the globe that could impact satisfaction.
  • Monitor customer comments about products to learn what features customers like best and how your components compare to those of your competitors.
  • Create powerful intelligence gathering capabilities directly on existing company communications channels and deliver insights to key employees.

Monitor Vendors and Supply Chain Partners

CID can help you monitor information about every link in your supply chain so you have the earliest possible warning of when your production is about to be disrupted.

CID detects major news events that could cause an interruption and threats to vendors in near real-time through a customized taxonomy of entire client company and industry structures, including subsidiaries, suppliers and key personnel. Understand the financial health of your vendors by using company reports, commercial credit data and risk scores, and ownership structures.

We can create additional taxonomies to cover special situations and contingencies and apply them to a vast collection of global publications and relevant business data including information on private companies.

How Supply Chain Managers Benefit:

  • Monitor your entire supply chain from your most critical suppliers and beyond in near real-time.
  • The high precision of our event recognition and taxonomy matching — in which supplier and site are mentioned exactly — allows for the right information to be pushed directly to the responsible procurement person.
  • Identify emerging reputational risks and monitor compliance at every link and subsidiary in the supply chain.

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