User Experience Design

We empower businesses to create and develop fast, simple and effective User Experiences for digital products, services, and mobile apps 

UX Design – Make users a part of your creation and development process

We are passionate about envisioning digital interfaces from the perspective of the people they are made for – your Users

Extract facts and put information into context

Concept-Workshops, Research, Consulting, Service Design

Accelerate and enrich your conceptual phase by injecting user-centered design thinking into your team.

Use Semantic Search and find hidden relationships

Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Prototyping

Focus User Experience at an early project stage to preview the end results, adjust processes, and save costs.

Easily identify and track relevant trends and developments

Visual Design, Branding, Detailed Elaboration

The Look & Feel of an interface mirrors the identity of your company. Make sure it also shines bright when you dig into it.

Extract facts and put information into context

Styleguide, Documentation, Dev-Support

Make sure your product is developed as it's meant to be. Minimize iterations with our proven way of Design-to-Development communication.

Use Semantic Search and find hidden relationships

Web and Software Development

As an IT Service Provider we are proud of 20 years experience in developing Software Lifecycle Solutions. Learn more…

Easily identify and track relevant trends and developments

Software-Testing and Quality Assurance 

Our QA Team helps you track progress and makes sure your software runs flawlessly.

Digital Experiences Across Industries

A Human-Centered Design Approach and the consequent reduction of complexity are integral success factors for business intelligence services, industry products, and consumer applications

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UX Design Agency for Enterprises, Medium-Sized Companies & Startups

Over the last 8 years we've been working closely with a broad range of clients such as SAP, Deutsche Bahn, engelbert strauss, Wilo* or Continental.

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Logo Telekom
* for 'mehnert corporate design'

CID – UX Design & Consulting Services

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