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Explore, Analyze, Monitor

Topic Analyst enables intelligence professionals to search, analyze, and monitor internal and external information. Gain actionable insights from interactive, intuitive, real-time tools and visualizations. Apply intelligent concept search, pro-active alerting, and comprehensive reporting capabilities to identify important trends, innovation, or market events.

Share Insights within Your Organization

Topic Analyst provides easy integration options to distribute information and insights - manually curated, fully automated, or as interactive self-service offerings.

Some Hard Facts to Wrap It Up

  • Easily configurable dashboards for monitoring and analysis of diverse information
  • Interactive search within enormous amounts of data
  • Customizable concept and topic search
  • Visualization of topics, trends, and relationships
  • Auto-suggestion of further search and filter criteria for an exploratory search
  • Sentiment analysis for companies and persons
  • Consolidated analysis of structured and unstructured information such as financial figures and breaking news
  • Sharing of information with colleagues and intranet integration

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