Software Lifecycle Services

Software that supports business-critical processes and increases productivity by shifting working time from search to analysis and action

Individualized Solutions For Unique Information Challenges

We develop innovative, intelligent software solutions and products for the retrieval, analysis and communication of information that delivers real benefits to strategic and operational knowledge work. We provide individual, tailored software solutions for business processes to improve efficiency and unlock potential for further success and growth.

Software Development Scheme

Since 1997, CID has delivered customer-specific ERP and e-commerce solutions. Our knowledge and expertise with enterprise level business applications allows CID not only to build innovative intelligence solutions but also to make them available for on-premise and cloud based use. Clients may run systems internally, use them from the private CID cloud, or combine different approaches – for solutions that achieve especially high levels of quality and performance.

Software Development by CID

CID develops individual solutions based on Microsoft .net and C++. We follow modern standards of service-oriented architectures, web services, security and development methods.

Our preferred project methodology combines two aspects – a strategic major planning and an agile detailed planning of particular sub-projects and tasks. Testing and Quality Assurance are implemented into the development process, from developer-defined tests, automated integration tests to tests conducted by QA experts.    

We rely on our own technology stack to make projects more efficient and to develop new software on a proven, reliable basis.

CID Technology Framework

Our CID Technology Framework offers:

Pre-developed functionality and classes for service communication
Database access
Frontend visualizations
Other re-usable core components

A Portfolio of Services

We offer comprehensive services to our clients, depending on individual situations and requirements. From classic 3rd level support to fully managed application service provision, we deliver software updates, provide support and/or operate complete solutions for our customers.

Portfolio of Services

CID runs its own private cloud service with own hardware and under own management at a large data center in Frankfurt, Germany. The data center provides multi-redundant internet connectivity, physical security, emergency power supply and is secured against earthquakes, flooding, etc. Our clients benefit from the advantages of an easy to customize cloud service good to control and audit. CID also supports its customers to run solutions on premises on own IT infrastructure without any limitations.