Software Lifecycle Services

Individualized Solutions for Success and Growth

When standard software is too far away from the right solution, individual systems provide the required performance and desired user experience. We work with the talents you need to design and deliver excellent systems, from the initial idea to the final product. We leverage our Artificial Intelligence expertise to increase automation and achieve smarter processes.

Individualized Solutions

We implement integrated business software applications based on most modern and innovative software architecture, development, and operations standards. Agile projects ensure flexibility and focus on business value. Our customers increase productivity and benefit from seamlessly connected workflows and data.

Software Development by CID

For over 20 years, CID has focused on hiring absolute talents across all software development disciplines, from requirements analysis to system design, to architecture, to development, to QA.

Our customer-specific business process solutions achieve especially high levels of efficiency and performance following modern standards of service-oriented architectures, micro services, security and implementation methods. We develop software using C# and C++ along principles such as OOAD, test-driven design, and CRUD. Over the years, we have established proven methods and a technology stack that provides re-usable code for web frontends, database management, or security.

A proven technology stack that increases project performance and software reliability

CID methods, tools, technology

Individual Software is about the Right Team, Expertise, and Experience

  • More than 20 years of experience in enterprise business process solutions
  • Multi-national team of software development experts
  • Proven methods, established tools, and technology stack for C# and C++ software
  • Artificial Intelligence expertise and products available for process automation
  • Absolute dedication to our customers' success and growth

Application and Operations Support

We offer comprehensive services to our clients, depending on individual situations and requirements. From classic 3rd level support to fully managed application service provision, we deliver software updates, provide support and/or operate complete solutions for our customers.

Application and Operations Support

CID runs its own private cloud service with own hardware and under own management at a large data center in Frankfurt, Germany. The data center provides multi-redundant internet connectivity, physical security, emergency power supply and is secured against earthquakes, flooding, etc.
Our clients benefit from the advantages of an easy to customize cloud service good to control and audit. CID also supports its customers to run solutions on premises on own IT infrastructure without any limitations.

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