Products & Services Overview


Collect data from various sources, including web crawling and data feeds, to extract business-critical information in real-time – all seamlessly integrated into your enterprise applications.

Leverage enterprise-ready, state-of-the-art APIs ready for cloud, private cloud and on-premise operations.


Map investment themes, signals, and events onto entities of interest, including companies and people.

Combine Natural Language Processing (to recognize entities), deep learning (to distill themes, signals and events) and graph technology (to map signals and themes to entities).

Easily combine and use unstructured data with other more traditional data sets for the first time.

Apply these tools to extract qualitative data such as news, filings, and websites, as well as to fundamental and quantitative data.


Score theme exposures for companies, industry sectors and regions you plan to invest in.

Rank investment opportunities that match your investment strategy by combining quantitative and qualitative factors.

Assess your customer portfolio exposures to thematic trends, while monitoring your investment strategy and policy compliance.

Spot and score business opportunities related to investors and wealth management clients.


An insights hub that pulls together the insights you care most about.

Link companies to other companies (e.g. corporate structures, supply chain), companies to individuals (management, ownership), and individuals to individuals (family, alumni, charity…).

Link companies and individuals with key themes and events in real time and act on deeper pools of information.

Uncover relevant data on 20m+ public, private, large and small companies and 27m+ related individuals.

Enrich your investment models with proprietary data.


Define and explore results and investment opportunities for themes, quickly and efficiently through self-service and simple no code integration.

Create exacting thematic investment strategies by combining quantitative and qualitative factors.

Quickly pre-screen investment ideas for new investment funds or client engagement.

Support portfolio construction end-to-end with relevant thematic insights.

Analyze market themes in detail, understand value chains, and provide investors with transparency and up-to-date insights.

Software Lifecycle Services

Create bespoke business software that digitally transforms your enterprise from the ground up.

CID Cloud

Join our cloud service for AI and individual business process applications – from secure shared services to dedicated private cloud environments.