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High Performance Neuro Computing

CORPUS collects data from various sources, understands information, extracts facts, finds hidden relationships, and integrates with enterprise applications – in real-time.

How CORPUS works
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CORPUS powers Topic Analyst so you see the entire information landscape and deliver knowledge to every desktop, process app, and smartphone in your company.

SAP, Oracle, Custom-built...

Custom software systems and 3rd party applications integrate seamlessly with the full power of CORPUS’ high performance Neuro Computing.

CORPUS – the Neuro Computing Backbone

The Artificial Intelligence platform for the automated collection, processing, and direct integration of actionable information into business processes and applications

Extract facts

Extract facts and put information into context

CORPUS understands information using world knowledge and your company’s specific knowledge to extract facts, discover their context and meaning. Use intelligent search for keywords, persons, companies, and products you focus on.

Create a semantic Neuro Graph

Create a semantic Neuro Graph and gain relevant insights

CORPUS blends relevant information into a comprehensive Neuro Graph, identifies relevant information, and calculates its impact. It provides precise results and links to key information you might have otherwise missed.

Identify and track relevant trends

Easily identify and track relevant trends and developments

CORPUS extracts important facts about your markets, customers, projects, and products out of documents and websites. Combine these with structured data to get the most complete picture.

High performance and scalability

High performance and scalability

In-memory processing technology enables a real-time analysis of millions of documents. Scale up performance and data capacity with minimum effort and zero down-time.



CORPUS integrates with enterprise portals or e-Commerce, Service Desk, CRM, ERP systems. Full data security and failover support ensure availability 24/7.

Cloud service or on-premise operation

Cloud service or on-premise operation

Use our secure SaaS via the CID Cloud or operate CORPUS within your company’s IT infrastructure.


Enterprise-ready, high performance software services with APIs for easy integration and real-time insights

CORPUS architecture

Some Hard Facts to Wrap It Up

  • Automated crawling of websites, RSS feeds, blogs, social media, databases, file shares
  • Integration with enterprise systems including DWH, ERP, CRM, DMS, CMS, ECM, Service Desk
  • Support for multiple document formats (HTML, XML, DOC, XLS, PDF, TXT, ....)
  • Text Mining and Natural Language Processing with support for more than 40 languages
  • Recognition and disambiguation of named entities including people, companies, organizations and locations with millions of entities ready to use based on extensive world and domain knowledge
  • Automated blending of knowledge graphs from internal and external sources
  • Semantic search, topic search, event identifcation, and issue monitoring via Supervised Topics
  • Recognition of topics, trends, and sentiment
  • Relationship extraction
  • Identification of important issues with impact on customers, companies, or employees
  • Automated knowledge graph scale-up in real-time
  • Automated content recommendation
  • Web services for easy integration with other systems
  • Easy administration of CORPUS services, sources and crawlers with zero down-time

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