Coronavirus Exposure Tracker

The Coronavirus Exposure Tracker analyzes select global English language news publications. Based on Thematic Intelligence, it recognizes pandemic-relevant information and assesses the exposure of companies, industry sectors, and countries to the coronavirus disease COVID-19.

The following analysis is based on news content published during the period from January 1st to May 7th, 2020.

Country Exposure

This world map shows the economic exposure of countries to your chosen signal. Our algorithm assesses the exposure of select major companies as reported in the news. It factors the exposure of key suppliers and customers in, too, and aggregates the results on a country level based on the companies’ headquarters locations.

This world map shows the media exposure of countries to your chosen signal. The algorithm measures to what extent news reporting focuses on specific countries.

Industry Sector Exposure

This chart visualizes the exposure of industry sectors based on individual company scores, respectively.

Company Exposure

Affinity derives exposure scores for individual companies based on how these companies and their related key suppliers and customers are reported on in the news. Here we show company scores for MSCI-World companies.

Signals Comparison

Affinity monitors various signals and themes such as the coronavirus endemic, product launches, or cyber attacks. Use this chart to compare the epidemic signal with others as reported on English language news

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The Coronavirus Exposure Tracker provides only a glimpse of what Affinity by CID can do for Asset Managers, Wealth Managers, Risk Professionals, Supply Chain Managers and others.

Affinity automatically analyzes news, filings, earnings calls, patients, and research publications together with company financials, revenue data, stock prices and more. It provides you with actionable insights, theme and signal exposure, and information streams for your investment and risk models based on qualitative and quantitative data.

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