Man working at a laptop and making notes
Man working at a laptop and making notes

The Thematic Intelligence Blog

We’ve distilled our years of experience leveraging qualitative data for more informed and energised outcomes into practical, punchy insights.

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The Common Challenges to ESG Screening

ESG factors are becoming increasingly important to prioritise for Portfolio and Fund Managers. We explore the different approaches to ESG screening.

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An End-to-End Guide to ESG in Asset Management

The ESG pressure is growing on asset managers. We outline what’s driving this, the ESG challenges they face & how to integrate ESG into asset management.

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The Problem with ESG Rating Providers

There are many problems with ESG ratings providers. We explore them and suggest that asset managers take a more qualitative approach to ESG investments.

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How to Integrate ESG into Investment Decision-Making Processes

Here, we dissect investors’ current strategies, the challenges to these approaches – and explore how thematic investing can help you to make better ESG…

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ESG Due Diligence – Your Guide to Green Investments

ESG due diligence is vital for investors. We explore the area, how to set up your ESG criteria & and uncover best practice for due diligence questionnaires.

The opportunities – and pitfalls – of using ChatGPT for thematic investing

Asset and Wealth Managers are pondering ChatGPT’s potential as a resource for thematic investment. We put it to the test.

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