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The ESG clarity conundrum

For many Asset & Wealth Managers, assessing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors is hard.

The lack of standardised reporting means information is rarely reported consistently or openly. Limited data availability across companies and sectors make it challenging to accurately assess ESG factors across an investment portfolio.

And what data that is available, is subject to diverse viewpoints that often differ on what constitutes good ESG practices, while ESG ratings providers and companies themselves have different interpretations of what they consider to be ESG risks and opportunities.

All of this makes it hard for investors to confidently evaluate the sustainability of potential equity investments, while the lack of clarity increases the chances of falling foul of compliance standards. The extensive, expensive, and time-consuming research and analysis needed also limits less well-resourced investors’ ability to conduct in-depth ESG analysis.

We need a better way.


How we can help

Thematic investing and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) are closely related because thematic investing often focuses on specific themes or sectors that are driving ESG factors, like recycling technology and its impact on the environment.

The better your thematic investing processes, the better your ability to sniff out, evaluate, and act on ESG factors.

Comprehensive screening process

Our Affinity platform changes what’s possible for thematic investors, and in turn, ESG research. It uses AI and a comprehensive and efficient screening process to tap into a universe of clearly defined and relevant companies according to the themes and market events your investors care about.

Extract relevant insights

Affinity’s thematic approach means portfolio managers can deepen their understanding of individual ESG factors by extracting relevant insights from unstructured data sources across topics.

Transparent & efficient investments

It unlocks more confident, efficient, and transparent investments in stocks aligned with specific trends or themes, like renewable energy, electric vehicles, or water conservation.

The Affinity difference

Investors need Traditional ESG ESG with Affinity
Customisation Minimal Apply thematic focus to ESG research and equity screening process for sharper differentiation
Transparency Closed ratings Composable and explainable factors
Reliability Mixed Deep and proprietary coverage paints a clear picture
Efficiency Manual research to overcome rating deficiencies AI automatically captures, stores and scores relevant ESG factors for fast and ready-to-use results
Evaluation Subjective and black boxed by 3rd parties AI automatically captures, stores and scores relevant ESG factors for fast and ready-to-use results

How Affinity and Thematic Intelligence helps investors capture applied ESG innovation

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