Two men in a meeting, sharing a laptop screen
Two men in a meeting, sharing a laptop screen

Use Cases

Discover the ways Asset & Wealth Managers can put Thematic Intelligence to work.

When qualitative insights mesh with your fundamental and unstructured data, incredible things happen.

See how you can use Thematic Intelligence to deliver powerful outcomes for your clients and business—from more granular asset allocation to bespoke investment pitches and timely client recommendations.

  • Up to 70% faster thematic equity research
  • Easily make updates in response to market changes
  • Capture up to 10x more relevant candidates for a more comprehensive investment universe

Thematic Investing

Create more exacting portfolios, outperform benchmarks, and keep accountability and transparency at the forefront of asset allocation.

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Enrich investment processes

Extract insights from qualitative and unstructured datasets to improve operational efficiency and build better investment solutions and products.

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Customise portfolios

Empower sales and advisors to bring clients more diverse investment options through nuanced, integratable qualitative and unstructured data.

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Track market events

Capture investment opportunities by building a timely, accurate picture of relationships between market events and your products and client portfolios.

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Prospecting and client monitoring

For Wealth Managers

Choose the best moments to approach clients and prospects by building a clearer picture of their needs and the market events likely to affect them.

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See what Affinity can do for your business and investors.

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